Company Profile

What is Special with Osmocell as a Company?

We excel in the following qualities:
Complete responsibility for solution proposed.
The ability to make quick independent decision.
In all our projects, we focus on delivering “Quality and Performance”.
Great management team that embrace the company motto “INNOVATION @ WORK” to provide customer satisfaction .

Specialized in:

Design, Construction and Operation of seawater, surface water and wastewater treatment and filtration requirement.
Provide infrastructure investments opportunities via build own and operate model and consultancy services pertaining to all filtration and water and wastewater treatment requirement.


Desalination system (Reverse Osmosis System).
Industrial and Municipal Leachate Treatment Plant.
Oil / water / gas separation by using coalesing process.
Water Infrastructure Investment via build own and operate model.
Wastewater treatment plant based on membranes Bio-reactor (MBR).
Modular water treatment plant based on submerged UF membranes to cater for various capacity and for easy and fast mobilization
Upgrading and Refurbishment of existing Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant to meet client demand for water reuse or for additional capacity or meeting stricter regulatory discharge requirement.
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